We’re in the last quarter of 2020, going on 2021, AI has made its way to become a technology we’re much more familiar with. We’ve been hearing a lot about this buzz word on how it has changed many businesses and how it will rapidly evolve industries, economy, and our future.

As someone who’s interested in technology as much as how our society is shaped and how it will potentially be, I read and watched several interviews which involve thought leaders and AI Researchers. However, it didn’t change much of how I thought of AI until I watched Ben Goertzel’s interview.

Goertzel is a renowned Artificial Intelligence Researcher, Founder and a CEO of SingularityNET (a project that combines artificial intelligence and blockchain to democratize access to artificial intelligence). In one interview he discussed “artificial general intelligence” which means that the AI will be able to carry out tasks that any human could and many more that we couldn’t. That statement alone made some people think whether that’s possible since we haven’t yet managed to understand the full scope of our human brain and how it actually works.

While the world, as always, has sides of people who believe of endless possibilities of AI with the other side thinking of its fearful potential, we can’t really deny that new AI business innovations happen all the time. Neuralink by Elon Musk is a clear example of that. Musk gave the opinion that since AI will continue to advance itself very quickly, and we might as well join the party instead of fighting to overtake it.

That could be interesting to see how the future of work might be. AI in a way reflects our education system and how well we are in preparing for the future of the workforce. It’s only logical to think that something that continues to improve will beat the one that’s stagnant. It’s just a matter of which route we choose to go with.

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